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Q: What is the difference between Cajeput and Lavender Henna Cones?

A: The difference is in the suitability of the oil. Lavender is suitable for asthmatic individuals, pregnancy, young children above 5, sensitive skin etc. whereas Cajeput is not suitable for the above. If you do not have any of the issues above, then cajeput is okay for you. The stain ability remains the same

Please note, we do not claim that lavender oil is suitable for every skin type, please seek advice from your GP before purchasing if any concerns. Always test a product on the skin for 1-5 minutes before applying it all

Q: I live outside of the UK, can I still purchase the henna cones?

A: Henna cones are perishable by nature, they won't last longer than 4-5 days out in the open, just like fresh food doesn't. International shipping can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to be delivered, by the time the henna will have demised. Hence the reason, fresh henna cones cannot be shipped out of the UK

If you or someone you know is travelling to the UK, you can buy henna to take back with you on your flight. A cooler bag can help the henna stay fresh throughout the journey. Please Contact Us for further information

Q: What is the difference between KS Sojat Henna Powder and Jamila Henna Powder?

A: KS Sojat Henna Powder is cultivated from the grounds of Sojat in Rajasthan, India; the texture is somewhat stringy and creamy. Whereas, Jamila Henna Powder is cultivated from the grounds of Pakistan, with a much creamier and smoother texture. They both stain about the same in colour, ranging from Cherry Red to natural Black. They are both triple sifted, however KS Sojat Henna powder comes vacuum packed

Q: Do you deliver out of the UK?

A: On all dry goods we deliver all around the world, except for fresh henna paste. Please Contact Us for a shipping quotation if you are interested

Q: How long will it take to deliver my item?

A: All products have a turn around time of 2-3 working days, excluding delivery times. Please see our Delivery and Returns page for approximate delivery times

Q: If I pay for Special Delivery today, will I receive my order the next working day before 1pm?

A: Although we endeavour to send out all items on the same working day, it entirely depends on the product you have purchased. Henna paste will take at least a day to make, so if you order henna paste in the morning, it is unlikely that your order will be sent the same day. This means the order will be sent the next day, to be delivered the day after by 1pm. For example: Item purchased 11am morning - item processed in the afternoon/evening 5/6pm - item sent out following day before 5pm

Q: I made the order by accident/ I do not wish to keep my order, can I cancel it?

A: We're not able to make changes to your fresh henna cones orders, but you have the option to cancel:
Henna Cones - within 2 hours from placing your order
Dry goods - within 1 hour of placing your order. Please email info@kirtisharma.co.uk to let us know you wish to cancel. 

If you do not email us to let us know, your order may already be shipped out

Q: Can I collect/pick up my order?

A: I have a collection point in Bradford, Leeds Road. Please Contact Us for further information. There is a £1 additional packaging charge for all items.