Environmental Policy

At KS headquarters we love all things purple, but we also love all things GREEN!

Committed to providing the best, KS has worked hard over the years to find the most environment friendly products and packaging.

Not only are majority of the products handmade and naturally grown, but also have no added chemicals to preserve the goods

We now welcome on board our new E-FRIENDLY campaign which will aim to reduce KS carbon footprint as much as possible

How is KS reducing her carbon footprint:

  • Our main product - naturally grown henna is sustainable as every crop is developed into henna powder which is then replanted every winter. KS sources henna which is grown in botanical gardens in rural areas, away from industrial grounds. Thus preventing affects of harmful chemicals and heavy metals to deposit on the fertile ground where the henna crop is grown

  • Packaging - All packaging is made from recycled materials and is also recyclable. Every attempt is made to minimise material used for every order. We now have an E-Friendly option represented by the Green Henna Hand  on all wet and dry products where possible to reduce the amount of storage and after care cards printed and sent out. Furthermore, invoices are not printed, but customers are given the option to download an e-copy of their order at checkout and via email

  • Stationary - Thermal label printing has been introduced.  This label printer does not take any ink or toner to print labels, instead it uses heat to print black and white labels

  • Transportation - Car's are fancy, but walking is healthy! All orders are sent via local post office, which by walk is 2 minutes away. No transportation is needed, but sometimes an extra hand is. With posting nationally, I wish I could deliver in person by walk, unfortunately orders do have to be delivered by transport and so further Royal Mail's environment policy can be found on their website http://www.royalmailgroup.com/responsibility/environment

  • Continuous Improvement - New products and services developed will be tried and tested for e-friendliness where possible. KS takes her carbon footprint seriously, therefore all attempts will be taken to enrich future business activities also

Thank you for shopping with KS, quality does not have to compromise the environment