DIY: How To Make Golden/Haldi Milk – The Benefits of Turmeric: The Healing Herb

Monday, Apr 20, 2015
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DIY: How To Make Golden/Haldi Milk – The Benefits of Turmeric: The Healing Herb

DIY: How To Make Golden/Haldi Milk – The Benefits of Turmeric: The Healing Herb

Other common name(s): jiang huang, haridra

Blogging about something a little different today. I’ve been meaning to write about the benefits of Turmeric, otherwise known as ‘Haldi.’ My favourite herb all year round!!

Winter usually takes a toll on our bodies, leaving you feeling tired, achy, and exhausted, but summer can be exhausting too! As a henna artist, and retailer, working around the clock isn't easy. Talking about easy, walked miles around my local town the last couple of days, I was drained!

Now Turmeric is one of theee most favourite spices I like to use, notice the triple ‘e’ there! Many Asian people use Turmeric spice in their food, but the herb has more properties than just a flavour.

300x300xtimthumb.php,qsrc=,hwww.mrsikhnet.com,_wp-content,_uploads,_2012,_01,_turmeric-11872_280x280.jpg,ah=300,aw=300,azc=1.pagespeed.ic.It4R-Vmh6PTurmeric has been a century’s long healing herb mainly used in the Asian continents of India, China, Nepal, and Pakistan. It’s a great anti-inflammatory for people suffering from arthritis, joint pain, clears the skin, muscle pain & many other benefits. Many studies have also found that curcumin, an antioxidant that is an active ingredient in Turmeric, demonstrated some anti-cancer effects in the lab.

I "had" (was forced) to drink haldi milk when I was a child, it was associated with hurting yourself, a little blood here and dad would pull out a large mug overfilled with haldi milk. The healing properties of turmeric allowed wounds to restore quicker and helping numb the pain. Not only was haldi good for drinking, but my dad would make a paste of turmeric and mustard oil, heat it up, and rub all over the wound! Wow is that torture or was he trying to help!?

However, these days I drink it for other reasons. No, I’m not old! But I do get occasional back pains. Lately extra scheduled activities have been giving me grief!! I always have avoided pain killers, not because I can't swallow them or hate the taste (that's another story) but because I like to stay natural in everything I do. I will only give in to a pain killer if I have tried and tested every natural method!

Okay so how do you make haldi milk?

Making Golden Milk

Add 1 tsp of the turmeric powder to 1 cup of hot milk (cow, goat, soy), honey or sugar to add taste. Gently heat and stir. I usually heat the milk first and add the turmeric and sugar after

You can buy Turmeric powder at your local s upermarket; I know Asda, Tesco and Morrison stock some. Alternatively, from your local Indian spice store, health/food store.


The above information is from past Ayurveda tradition. I am not a doctor; you should not take this as medical advice. If you wish to try the milk but are hesitant, please check with your local GP, licensed health care practitioner or physician. You should be careful when introducing anything new to your diet.

I do hope this milk can provide you with the same benefits it has been providing me with for so many years (I do sound old when I say that)

Until next time, stay blessed, stay happy, stay healthy!

Your very own henna artist,



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