How to Get a Dark Henna/Mehndi Stain:

Monday, Apr 20, 2015
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How to Get a Dark Henna/Mehndi Stain:

How to Get a Dark Henna/Mehndi Stain:

The questions always asked of me when using or selling henna/mehndi are – Is your henna paste dark? Does your henna paste give immediate results? The answers to these are always straight forward; yes, if you follow the recommended before and after care tips, and yes your henna stain will be rocking dark. However, a good stain is not always guaranteed and so this is why you should follow the tips below. *PLEASE NOTE I DO NOT USE BLACK HENNA, WHICH IS A CHEMICAL BASED PRODUCT, MIXED WITH PPD (HAIR DYE) AND IT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. PLEASE STAY SAFE AND ONLY USE NATURAL PRODUCTS – YOU CAN PURCHASE NATURAL PRODUCTS FROM MY SHOP www.kirtisharma.co.uk/sho

Pre-application: Prepare your body before the application, this means all…

  • Hands or feet should be free from any oils or body lotions.
  • If you follow any hair removal methods, then this should also be done prior to the henna application.
Post application:
    • Seal and wrap henna/mehndi (your artist will enlighten you how to). A mixture of lemon juice and sugar is applied to the henna, allowing it to stick onto the skin for longer. A "mummy wrap" is the term I use to wrap henna, an image below is an example. Allow the henna to dry once you have applied the lemon juice and sugar mixture, then use tissue paper (toilet roll is a good size and thickness) and wrap and secure with cellotape in areas where the tissue overlaps. You can also use mefix tape, which a medical tape used to secure wounds, this is also a good method to cover henna. Both methods allows the skin to breath and not sweat or get over heated causing any irritations.
      • Keep henna on for at least 6-8 hours, however for best results sleep with it overnight. Henna does not give you a dark henna stain within an hour, so please do not expect instant results
      • Remove henna by scraping it off with your hands, or use the back of a butter knife, do not use water to wash the henna/mehndi off for at least an hour
      • After application avoid all chlorinated products and anything alkaline
      • Do not use soap or water on the design for at least 12 hours after application; I have a collection of disposable gloves that I wear to avoid washing hands, just use once and dispose. Shower with gloves on, or even carrier bags, place your hands inside the bag, and pop a rubber band over the arm – when we say avoid water – we mean no scrubbing in the shower, obviously the water will penetrate in, but to avoid that – we have the bags/gloves solution
      • Keep hands moisturised after henna/mehndi paste has come off – oils and balms are good
      • Keep hands warm!!! Yes the more heat you give to your henna the darker the stain. I advise my customers to give a quick 2 minute heat over the gas cooker or fire stove every two hours or so
      • Henna colour develops over a 24-48 hour period, therefore for the best results, apply henna 2 to 3 days prior to the day you wanted the henna for
Henna colour also depends on many other factors, such as body heat, atmosphere controls like temperature, thickness of skin etc. Another point to note is how dark your henna will be on different parts of the body. Hands/palms will always stain darker than arms, feet and legs. This is primarily because of your body’s blood flow. So that is how to gain a dark henna stain. Really, ladies, it sounds crazily inconvenient, but it will give you an amazing result, lasting much longer than a store bought cone which fades within days. The image below is the result of henna after following all the above tips, over a 24 hour period.

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