Kirti Sharma - The Art of Henna

KS Brand has been developed with love and passion for all henna enthusiasts to come and share the quality 
and extensive range of natural henna products. 

KS Brand came about in 2014 , when an at home graduate decided to take control of her life with a lovable business idea.
Since then, the KS Brand has been taken by storm on the social space, and become one of the most loved henna brands around.
KS used her graphical and web designing skills to produce a brand that would be unique to her name and illustrate her passion.

Products have been personally sourced and tested extensively for over 7 years in order to give the best to clients, 
giving only 100% natural chemical free products. With clients all over the world, the premium quality of KS Products
are valued all around the globe.

KS cater's for all, if you have a specific request, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Yours always - KS - Kirti Sharma